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Meal Prep

creamy carrot lentil soup

easy cleanse: creamy carrot lentil soup

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very winter. much cold. it was colder in LA than it was in DC some days this week… because DC saw the 60s, and somehow we saw the 40s. even though I’ve mostly left the colder climate, my body is slow to adjust. it insists this is WINTER, get-cozy-stay-in-bed-hibernate winter! even if the highs were in the 70s this weekend. well, okay then.

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turmeric broth image

easy cleanse + turmeric ginger broth

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I’m easing into this whole new year thing. all my wishes for this new year involve ease and grace, even though for me it’s not really even the new year yet. I like to celebrate my new year on my birthday. I’m an aries, so that makes it the astrological new year. for me, that’s when I always feel the shift. but now is a great time to prepare.

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sticky caulirice + sushi bowls

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Paleo caulirice sushi bowls

I get major sushi cravings. except I go to the sushi joint and I order like five avocado rolls… OK maybe four and one avocado + cucumber roll. I don’t really care about the fancy rolls with spicy sauces and crunchy toppings. I also don’t really care about the fish… call me a purist, but I’m really just after some rice wine sweetness mixed with buttery avocado bitterness. and for that I present you with these caulirice sushi bowls.

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quick + clean: make-ahead egg muffins

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make ahead egg muffins

These egg muffins make a great grab-and-go breakfast, especially if you want high protein and a little greens. I usually want a lot of greens. I still haven’t figured out how to make these mostly green and a little egg. Working on it! In the meantime, these can help you start your mornings easily with just a little prep ahead of time.

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late summer salad [assawoman bae]

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late summer salad

For as long as I can remember, late summer has meant the sweetest corn, the sweetest tomatoes, and plenty of both, too much even. This salad brings it all together. I grew up in Maryland, first in a suburb of D.C. until I was eight and then on the Eastern Shore for the remaining 16 years before I came back to the city. And in every back yard, and even when we only had a side yard and the water was our back yard, we always had a garden.

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