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Plant paradox caesar

avocado caesar

By | Paleo, Wellness | 2 Comments

I’ve done it again. I convinced someone that these cauliflower shavings and macadamia nut flakes were cheese. I then laughed maniacally. I then ate this entire salad. And you’ll want to, too, while getting all your greens and crucifers with good fats. If that’s something you’re into (shouldn’t we all be?). Even if not, it’s just damn delicious.

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Seed bagels

everything seed bagels

By | Baking, Paleo, Vegan | No Comments

These bagels are kind of life-changing, absolutely delicious and totally everything. Duh, they’re everything bagels! And duh — of course they’re life-changing — the recipe is based on Sarah Britton’s Life Changing Loaf. If you’ve seen it or made it, you just know. And if not, buckle up because these bagels are going to change EVERYTHING. Oh oops I did it again…

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quick + clean: make-ahead egg muffins

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make ahead egg muffins

These egg muffins make a great grab-and-go breakfast, especially if you want high protein and a little greens. I usually want a lot of greens. I still haven’t figured out how to make these mostly green and a little egg. Working on it! In the meantime, these can help you start your mornings easily with just a little prep ahead of time.

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quick + clean: 2-ingredient pancakes + magic chia jam

By | Paleo | No Comments

2-ingredient pancakes

When G asked me to come up with a brunch series for her hard working boot campers, this pancake recipe was the first to pop into my mind. Talk about clean — it only has two ingredients: bananas and eggs. No flour, no grains, no gluten, no problem. Just protein and fiber and a little sweetness. The best part is the pancakes cook up crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, like the best most savory part of french toast (the middle). Douse them with some maple syrup and don’t forget the three-ingredient chia jam, which is pure kitchen alchemy.

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M O O N O L A [paleo-ish coffee granola]

By | Meal Prep, Paleo | 2 Comments

paleo coffee granola

I was planning on making some paleo granola with my massive nut and seed collection that’s been overflowing from my freezer. When I woke up on the Saturday I’d planned to test it, some voice inside me was like, but what if there was coffee in it. And what if the coffee then seeped into the milk when you ate it and turned the milk into… coffee. What if… coffee and granola… became ONE?! And then that Spice Girls song 2 Become 1 got stuck in my head. And now it’s in there again…

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